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We strive in continuously providing the best furniture and solution to customers fulfilling either their contract or residential needs while promoting eco-friendly furniture as our part on preserving mother nature. We aspire to become the clients' outdoor furniture consultant and expert for them to trust and refer to on outdoor furniture needs.




Global Distribution, Craftsmanship Inspired Tranquillity

Creating beauty with intricate detail that intertwined with the environment is the main drive for Couture Jardin’s collections. Established since 2007, we stay relevant with nature amidst the dawn of fast paced era. From our wondrously serene Oasis collection to our luxurious yet timeless Diva collection, experience exquisite finesse in detail. Measuring up to the expectation of living in the outdoors, we only use only the finest, robust and tactile materials to create our fabulously handcrafted to perfection pieces. Our design transcends culture and ethnicity worldwide which brings a truly nature-inspired beauty acknowledged by all.





At 14 years old, Normand Couture, a French Canadian boy, designed his whole bedroom from top to bottom, including the furniture, it was a unique look at the time, sparking instantly a passion to create. However, at that time, he was unaware that he would devote his entire career to the design world.

At 21, he opened his first modern design store, and it was not long before one store turned into seven locations in eastern Canada, it is at that moment that he really started to design indoor furniture.

As business continued to grow and after years of traveling internationally for trade shows, he entered to the world of manufacturing where he created Caméléon, a successful multi-functional seating system, which has won him multiple awards and accolades over the years.

Much later and by pure coincidence, Normand was asked to design outdoor furniture, the immediate response to his creations was so outstanding that in 2009 the COUTURE Jardin brand was launched. So far his outdoor designs have been sold in over 60 countries.

Altogether over 50 awards have been received for product design, retail achievements and various implications in the design world.

Designed in Canada and quality crafted in China is such a great recipe to bring the world cutting edge products incorporating great design with great value.

COUTURE Jardin owns numerous design protections all over the world.

Join us in making outdoor living more beautiful!